Throughout the Applied Marketing course, you’ll learn how to build a marketing plan through:

▪️ Define marketing and demonstrate a clear understanding of the marketing concepts.

▪️ Reading and Analyzing the current situation of the market.

▪️ Set a SMART marketing objective to build a strong marketing strategy.

▪️ Understand the stages of the product life cycle to set a coherent pricing, distribution and promotional strategy.

▪️ Discuss the current trends in promotion and advertising.

▪️ Describe STP (Segmentation – Targeting – Positioning) concepts.

▪️ Compare actual results to the marketing plan and put key performance indicators (KPIs) to control your strategy.


🟠 More details:

🔸 This course is conducted by WAYZON Pharma through Wayzon Academy as a part of our corporate social responsibility program (CSR) towards the veterinary society.

🔸 This course is designed around case studies and real examples through interactive online sessions.

🔸 Duration: 24 hrs.

🔸 Schedule: Twice a week.

🔸 A graduation project is a must to get your certificate.