Composition :

Each 1 ml RETARDOXi-20 L.A. contains :
Oxytetracycline base : 200 mg .

Indications :

For the treatment of bacterial infections caused by Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria affecting respiratory, urinary and gastrointestinal tract such as bronchopneumonia, pleuropneumonia, enteritis, septicemia as well as mastitis, metritis, foot-rot, actinomycosis, actinobacillosis, and it is effective against anaplasma, mycoplasma, chlamydia and rickettsia .

Dosage and route of administration :

  • 1 ml RETARDOXi-20 L.A. /10 kg b. wt.,by deep I/M injection, can be repeated after 72 hrs. if needed .

Package :

100 ml.