Description :

100% natural, environmentally-friendly litter with 1-2.5 mm granules is hypo-allergenic and fulfils the most particular requirements for pet and owner comfort. It excels not only at absorbing moisture quickly and effectively, but also odors. Its pleasant, subtle fragrance activates on contact with liquid, gently releasing its scent in the area around the litter box, without irritation to owner or pet. Pet owners will appreciate the excellent clumping and dustless formulation – the primary prerequisites for easy and convenient litter box maintenance. Pets love the ultra-fine granules. Package: 6kg


Features :

Excellent clumping Rapid absorption Odor control & perfume with the scent of cleanliness Low dust formulation 100% natural bentonite Environmentally friendly 100% recyclable packaging Made in Czech Republic



Instructions for use :

Get a sufficiently large litter box and place it ideally in a quiet location that will suit your cat. Spread a layer of litter about 6-8 cm deep across the bottom of the litter box. To maintain cleanliness, remove clumps daily. Top up the litter regularly – we recommend occasionally shaking the box to mix the old and new litter. If necessary, wash out the litter box, and completely replace the litter.

Please note:

Always dispose of used litter in the trash bin. It is not suitable for composting, nor can it be flushed down the toilet. Minimise contact with contaminated litter and observe good hygiene. Pregnant and nursing women, young children, and people with compromised immune systems should avoid contact with excrement.


Thanks to the excellent absorption properties of the litter, it can be used as an effective odour absorber in the refrigerator, in the trash bin, etc. Simply put some in a small bowl and place it in the refrigerator, or scatter some at the bottom of the bin.