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veterinary tips
veterinary tips

One of the responsibilities of the veterinary profession is to maintain expertise which requires more time and effort to be updated with recent innovations in the veterinary field. Here in Wayzon veterinary tips, we save your time and effort through connecting you with worldwide updates in the veterinary field.

Wayzon academy
Wayzon Academy

Wayzon Academy is a free educational platform specifically designed to provide courses for veterinary students and graduates with the aim of reducing the gap between university and workplace. The platform provides opportunities for learning both online and offline, as well as on a wide range of topics including applied marketing and digital marketing fundamentals, selling skills, graphic designing and soft skills. These courses were designed in a simple and interactive manner and supported by practical training

Veterinary sessions
Wayzon webinar

Wayzon webinar is a live presentation about a sector-specific topic delivered by expert speakers. It’s designed to be the most flexible and cost-effective way to gain knowledge from experts with no effort and in a short period of time. They are totally free and exclusively for our veterinary professionals to enjoy spending time sharing experiences, information and recent updates in the veterinary field.

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Scientific conferences and medical Awareness

WAYZON Pharma periodically holds scientific conferences in different regions in order to raise the medical awareness of animal breeders and to enlighten them with what they need to know regarding the correct usage of the medical products and keeping them updated with our new entries in the market.

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Scientific Technical Support

The vast majority of customer interactions are: “How does this product work?”and “How to reach the maximum benefit?” we Provide professional staffed phone calls and field visits to provide the exact scientific technical information for our clients.

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Business & Marketing

Engagement with the customer is the core of any successful business, Our marketing team solves the question of how to interact, engage and sustain relations with our customers and business partners.

Post Sale Service
Post Sale Service

Customer’s satisfaction is our great priority, we provide technical support, follow up and on-time delivery system which make it a unique way for us to maintain such industry.

Veterinary Medical Convoys

Some deprived villages in different governorates lack veterinary medical practice, WAYZON Pharma Provides free medical convoys for treatment and improvement of animal health to enhance livestock market in Egypt and being an integrated part of it.